Genève, Switzerland

In CADMUS Festival, we aim to show the diversity of the Syrian art and culture. In 2018 we will be joining you in different venues in Geneva to celebrate the Syrian spectrum of cultures.

CADMUS is a neutral and a non-profit organization which aims at helping Syrians who have dreams to achieve in cinema, music, photography and different types of art.


Un voyage en Syrie




Our Mission

Cadmus aims to relay the untold story of the Syrian people. It is the voice of a culture and its bridge which the ancient Syrians started to build 4000 years ago

Our Story

The story of Cadmus is mythical but its heritage is real and authentic. Greek myths about this Phoenician tell the story of our adventures during the last 4000 years. The story began in 2000 BC when Cadmus left his home on the Syrian coast to find his sister Europa who had been carried off by Zeus -the ruler of Mount Olympus. During an odyssey that lasted four centuries Cadmus built the famous city of Thebes, introduced the Phoenician alphabet to the Greeks, and taught them agriculture. Today, Syrians are following the steps of Cadmus eager to share their culture, art and their love for peace and prosperity.

Our Vision

Our social commitment is to introduce the culture and art in/of Syria, as we believe it belongs to all humanity. Each human being should have the responsibility to preserve and spread this cultural heritage.

Our Objectives

  • To establish a cultural platform in Geneva for Syrians to present themselves and their works.
  • To introduce the Syrian culture and art to the Swiss communities.
  • To support Syrian artists inside Syria.
  • To establish a cultural dialogue between the Swiss and the Syrian artists.

Our Friends